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We provide long-lasting structural solutions to protect your marine investments and shorelines, as well as support your plumbing

Our Promise

Since 1989, we have been on the forefront of creating the most comprehensive, cutting-edge marine infrastructure systems and we are committed to maintaining the same level of quality and innovation for years to come.

Our Products Feature

High Energy Absorption
Low Maintenance
UV Protection
High Visibilty
Multi-Weather Operations Solutions
Standard & Custom Sizes & Solutions
High Strength & Stiffness
Relativly Easy On-Site Assembly
Rust Resistant
Cost Efficient
Light Weight
Ready to Install
Environmentally Friendly
Fiberglass Reinforcements
Advanced UV Protection
Featured Products

FRP Fiberglass Marine Pilings

FRP Fiberglass Marine Pilings are designed to resist tensile, compressive, shear and compressive, shear and torsional stresses. Use of appropriate core materials can be used to increase compressive loads and to enhance the bending performance.

Featured Products

FRP Fiberglass Seawalls​

A complete fiberglass seawall system – Sheetpile, Waler, Topcap, and Tie Rods / Nuts / End Plates. Fiberglass Seawall systems are comparatively lightweight and less porous, absorbing less water, and therefore more durable.

why choose composites?

Composite Endures.

Concrete Spalls, Steel Rusts, Timber Rots.​

Composites are an alternative construction material without many of the performance disadvantages of conventional materials such as aluminum, concrete, steel and wood. Composites will not corrode, decay, or spall thereby reducing maintenance costs and future replacements. The composite products and systems we offer resist impact, creep, UV and weathering effects better than vinyl (PVC) materials and are easier to install in harder soils than vinyl sheet piling.

Here are a few more advantages of ditching Concrete, Steel, and Timber and using Composites in your next project

– UV Protection
– Lightweight
– Eco-Friendly

– High Strength
– Easy Assembly
– Easy to Transport

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