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Traditional construction materials like concrete, steel and timber are no longer the best solutions when it comes to infrastructure construction in marine environments. Composites have redefined Marine / Waterfront infrastructure.

Unlike timber, steel and concrete, composites will not rot, rust, or spall. They are environmentally inert, which makes them dependable. Composites are a highly durable building material and can be tailor engineered to meet project specifications. They are available in any transportable length & diameter.

ShibataFenderTeam™ Fender System

This system includes critical safety products that protect people, ships and port infrastructure. It includes many special products for marine applications, which exploit the strength of rubber, steel, polyurethane and polyethylene.

FRP Fiberglass Marine Pilings

FRP Marine Piles are designed to resist tensile, compressive, shear and compressive, shear and torsional stresses. Use of appropriate core materials can be used to increase compressive loads and to enhance the bending performance.

FRP Fiberglass Seawalls

A complete fiberglass seawall system – Sheetpile, Waler, Topcap, and Tie Rods / Nuts / End Plates. Fiberglass Seawall systems are comparatively lightweight and less porous, absorbing less water, and therefore more durable.

Marine Camels

Marine Camels are floating fenders used between the ship and the pier. These camels are tough and durable. They offer a long life of operational functionality, with minimal maintenance. They are abrasion, impact and UV resistant.

STRUXURE™ Plastic Lumber (HDPE)

The Plastic Lumber product line includes Construction Mats, Railroad Ties, and other Construction products. These products don’t rot, warp, splinter, crumble, rust, absorb moisture or leach toxic chemicals into the environment.

DockSaver™ Dock Bumpers

Strong, pliable and constructed of UV-inhibited polyethylene skin and resilient closed-cell foam to combine for ultimate impact and cushion performance. They are maintenance-free, non-marring and resistant to gas, oil and salt water.

Access Structures: Platforms, Ladders, Guardrails, Grating etc.

Lightweight, yet strong, fiberglass won’t rot or rust in wet or corrosive chemical or chlorine environments. Platforms, ladders and guardrail provide safe, comfortable and efficient operation, keeping workers safe in all sorts of dangerous situations.

Pipe Hangers (Super Hanger™ PVC & SuperClevis / SuperLoop FRP)

Lee Composites, Inc. introduces the PVC Super Hanger™ pipe hanger system. The Super Hanger™ pipe hanger is comprised of all nonmetallic, corrosion resistant materials and maintenance free properties. The Perfect Solution for Pipe Hanging.

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