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The Perfect Solution for Dockside Access

Concrete Spalls, Steel Rusts, Timber Rots.

Long Lasting and Looks Good Too…

Ultra™ fiberglass access structures and grating or deck plate all are perfect for Maine applications.  Decking, stairways, dock surfaces, drain covers, and access platforms all can be designed to meet your needs.

Lightweight, yet strong, fiberglass won’t rot or rust in wet or corrosive chemical or chlorine environments, offering a great alternative to wood.  Easy to clean, slip resistant surfaces that stay nice looking in harsh sun.

Ultra™ Fiberglass Platforms

Each Ultra™ platform is custom manufactured utilizing our CAD design build process to accurately meet the application requirements. Fiberglass platforms are completely factory assembled and tested to ensure quality. Platforms are then broken down for shipping and marked for easy assembly in the field. This reduces installation costs and improves efficiency.

The lightweight characteristic of structural fiberglass facilitates simple on-site assembly and reduces shipping costs. Ultra platforms meet or exceed all OSHA standards and can be designed to comply with International Building Code (IBC) standards.

Ultra™ Fiberglass Ladders
Ultra Fiberglass custom builds above ground composite ladders to suit your individual requirements per OSHA specifications. Ultra ladders are ideal for use with catwalks, roof access, and tanks. Safety cages, safety rail/trolly, removable extensions and walk thrus are optional. Ladders are fabricated using pultruded fiberglass reinforced plastic shapes (FRP materials) The ladder rungs come fluted or with heavy duty grit. Standard wall and floor mounting brackets are INCLUDED. We build both heavy duty and standard duty ladders. Let us provide a solution to meet your specific application.
Ultra™ Custom Hand/guardrails

Ultra Fiberglass will custom design and fabricate Fiberglass Handrail and Guardrail Systems to meet your specifications. Our Fiberglass Handrail and Guardrail components are safety yellow including FRP M-shaped toe plate.

Fiberglass Handrail Systems are shipped in assembled sections up to 20’ long. A Fiberglass Handrail can be built for attachment with new or existing stairways and walkways.

Ultra™ Fiberglass Grating

Fiberglass grating is available in molded or pultruded stock.

Molded grating is measured by size of grid pattern and panel thickness. Typical panel sizes are 4’ x 8’, or 4’ x 12’ or 3’ x 10’ for molded grating. Pultruded grating is measured by shape and size of pultruded piece, percentage of open space, and spacing distance between cross rods. Pultruded grating is usually in 10’, 12’, 20’ or 24’ lengths.

Ultra will fabricate and cut panels to meet your size specifications. Grating clips and hardware are available for molded and pultruded grating and treads.

Rust Resistant
Highly corrosion resistant. Predicted to have a 75+ year service life
Low Maintenance
Does not corrode, decay or spall thereby reducing maintenance costs
Cost Efficient
Ultra™ products are the cheapest access solution over a span of 75 years
High strength-to-weight ratio with products weighing only 3-5 pounds per square foot.
Easy to Transport
Stackable products make it easy to transport and store at construction site
Environmentally Friendly
Ultra™ FRP products are inert and will not leach dangerous chemicals
Fiberglass reinforcements
All Ultra™ products are manufactured with electrical grade E-glass reinforcements
Advanced UV Protection
Ultra™ products are shipped standard with two layers of Ultra Violet (UV) protection
High-Strength, and stiffness
Engineered for optimal bending strength, as well as superior stiffness
Relatively EASy on-site assembly
Ultra™ products can be Drilled and cut with traditional tools in seconds

At your service

We have been at your service since 1989 with a catalog of products and services that protect your investment.

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