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The Perfect Solution for Shoreline STRUCTURES

Concrete Spalls, Steel Rusts, Timber Rots.

FRP composite pipe piles were developed to fill a need in a market where an extremely tough, high energy absorbing round pipe pile is required.  The attributes of the FRP Composite Piles satisfy the stringent requirements of the fender pile marketplace. The mechanical aspects of the FRP pipe pile, in combination with the corrosion resistance characteristics, and the fact that the fiberglass pipe piles will not rot, rust, spall or corrode making it the perfect FRP pile for your application.

FRP composite pipe piles have been extensively tested per the requirements of the Florida Department of Transportation (FLDOT) and ASTM Standard Testing.

FRP Pipe Piles​

FRP Fiberglass Pipe Pile is manufactured with electrical grade fiberglass and high impact, high strength vinylester resin. The combination of the advanced resin and high strength glass produces a superior strength, highly corrosion resistant pipe pile.

More Information:

Piling Technical Data (pdf)

Rust Resistant
Highly corrosion resistant. Predicted to have a 75+ year service life
Low Maintenance
Does not corrode, decay or spall thereby reducing maintenance costs
Cost Efficient
SuperPile® is the cheapest solution for shoreline structures over a span of 75 years
High strength-to-weight ratio with panels weighing only 3-5 pounds per square foot
Ready to Install
SuperPiles come ready to be installed, with no prep work needed to be put into service
Environmentally Friendly
SuperPile® is inert and will not leach dangerous chemicals into the environment
Fiberglass reinforcements
All composite pipe piles are manufactured with electrical grade E-glass reinforcements
Advanced UV Protection
FRP Pipe Piles are shipped standard with two layers of Ultra Violet (UV) protection
High-Strength, and stiffness
Engineered for optimal bending strength, as well as superior stiffness
Relatively EASy on-site assembly
FRP Pipe Piles can be Drilled and cut with traditional tools in seconds

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