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The Perfect Solution for Protecting Your Pier and Vessels

Spread Berthing Loads across Fender Pilings

Marine Camels are tough and durable! When constructed through specified materials, composite fender camels offer a long life of operational functionality, with minimal maintenance. Our marine camels are specifically designed to be abrasion, impact, and UV resistant. These floating fenders also have sufficient strength and stiffness to dissipate berthing forces along their length.

Our floating log camels have an inner fiberglass core which provides specific strength and stiffness properties. An HDPE outer surface encases the marine camels for abrasion resistance. The pipe is foam filled and sealed, so it floats alongside the pier.

Marine Camels

Marine camels are a fiberglass reinforced poly­mer (FRP) log camel designed to transfer vessel impact energy into multiple vertical fender piles. Marine camels features a high-density polyethyl­ene (HOPE) exterior shell which exhibits excellent abrasion resistance while protecting your vessel from impact and scuff damage. Each marine camel is custom designed to exceed radial compression stresses due to vessel impact.

Eyebolt Mooring Attachment​

Eye bolt style mooring attachments utilize a stainless steel carriage bolt, which passes through the marine camel, for attachment of an eyebolt. A length of chain can then be shackled underwater to the eyebolt and the weight of that loop of chain keeps the camel secured to the pier. This allows the camel to adjust with the tide and has no maintenance issues.

Hawse Pipe Attachment​

A hawse pipe is a stainless steel pipe which passes through the marine camel, allowing for the use of a length of chain to secure the Camel to the structure to which it is attached, as shown in the image. 

Rust Resistant
Highly corrosion resistant. Predicted to have a 75+ year service life
Low Maintenance
Does not corrode, decay or spall thereby reducing maintenance costs
Cost Efficient
HarborCamel™ is the cheapest pier protection solution over a span of 75 years
High strength-to-weight ratio with panels weighing only 3-5 pounds per square foot
Ready to Install
HarborCamels come ready to be installed and put into service
Environmentally Friendly
HarborCamel™ is inert and will not leach dangerous chemicals into the environment
Fiberglass reinforcements
All HarborCamels are manufactured with electrical grade E-glass reinforcements
Advanced UV Protection
HarborCamels are shipped standard with two layers of Ultra Violet (UV) protection
High-Strength, and stiffness
Engineered for optimal bending strength, as well as superior stiffness
Relatively EASy on-site assembly
HarborCamels can be Drilled and cut with traditional tools in seconds

At your service

We have been at your service since 1989 with a catalog of products and services that protect your investment.

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