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For marine seawalls, bulkheads, sheet piles and retaining walls, pultruded fiber reinforced polymer composite seawall bulkhead retaining wall offer significant advantages over wood, concrete, steel, aluminum and pvc/vinyl sheet pile systems. Lee Composites also markets a fiberglass composite marine piling system, designed for Navy fender piers, Dept. of Transportation bridge fenders, Port Authority wharf areas and other commercial marina/docks (fixed and floating).

Unique interlocking ball-and-socket corrugated design, composite fiberglass seawall is ideal for many marine applications, such as beaches, canals, causeways, docks, harbors, lakes, rivers, streams, residential developments and retention ponds.  Fiberglass seawall construction and bulkhead construction retaining walls are attractive, ultraviolet and corrosion-resistant, high strength, and have long-term performance.

Lee Composites supplied the first pultruded fiberglass interlocking seawall bulkhead retaining wall system on the market in 1993. This initial fiberglass seawall construction & bulkhead construction project is on Galveston Island, Texas, and is inspected annually for durability and performance.  The seawall (per photos below) had no damage after category 4 Hurricane Ike, September 2008.

Over the past 10 years, Lee Composites has been the most innovative industry leader in driving the development of a complete fiberglass composite seawall system (seawall, cap, waler and tie rod/nut).

Fiberglass seawall construction and bulkhead construction requires similar installation techniques as other types of corrugated seawalls/bulkheads.

With over 30 years experience in the composite pultrusion industry, Lee Composites, Inc. has the technical and marketing experience to assist you with your design and cost analysis.

For piles used in structurally supporting piers, wharves, docks, jetties, breakwaters, boardwalks, foundation pilings, as well as used as fender piles for the Navy piers and Dept of Transportation bridges.  Both BarForce (plastic lumber with fiberglass bars) and FiberForce (plastic lumber with fiberglass fibers) are used as walers, chocks, blocks, and curbs in conjunction with our fiberglass marine piling to make a "complete non wood/non metallic fender system."

Hollow fiberglass composite piles (wall thicknesses from ¼" to 1") and one piece lengths of 100+ feet are easier to install and handle versus solid displacement piles.   Fiberglass pultruded compression tubes, fiberglass and polyethylene top caps, and steel pile shoes are available.  Also, an HDPE (high density polyethylene) outer sleeve is available for partial or entire coverage of the pile when extra abrasion and impact resistance is required.

Click here to learn more about our Fiberglass Composite Marine Piling.

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View Commercial Installations. We've added new photos to show you the many applications and benefits offered by composite and coated steel sheet pile.

Many Other Marine Products are available through Lee Composites, including FenderTeam Rubber Fenders, Steel Panels and UHMN-PE Rub Panels and docksaver™ Marine Dock Bumpers .

PVC and Fiberglass Pipe Hangers
Comprised of all nonmetallic corrosion resistant materials, Lee Composites' PVC Super Hanger and Fiberglass Super Clevis Hanger pipe hangers, as well as Fiberglass Super Rod and Super Nut, offer superior protection against corrosive environments.  The Super Hanger pipe hanger system is patented.  The pipe hanger system is easier to install, more competitive, longer lasting and maintenance free versus steel pipe hangers.   To learn more about pipe hangers and other products, and how they will protect your investments and property, click here.

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