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The Project

Panama Cruise and Container Terminals

Close to Panama City a new Cruise Terminal was built in Amador with an eye to serving as a port of call and potentially as a home port for cruise vessels. Panama aims to increase access for cruise ships to Panama City to facilitate tourism.

18 Ocean Guard Fenders (size 3300 x L 6500 mm) with fixing hardware were supplied to Panama. The customized solution for the Cruise Terminal in Amador was designed to accommodate the fenders to a broad range of tides.

Work with us

project owner

Government of Panama

project sector


Date of Completion

September 2016


Panama City, Panama



We also delivered 55 SPC 1400 Cone Fender systems and 54 Bollards of different types to the container terminal. The high quality fender systems will enable container vessels to berth safely at the new 750 m berth. The port is located in a highly corrosive environment, therefore special requirements regarding corrosion protection applied to the project.

about the Terminals

Amador’s new Cruise terminal consists of a pier with two berths and a total length of 366 meters. It shall accommodate two mega cruise ships simultaneously and handle all their passengers, which can easily be 10,000 at a time. With the two new berths at Amador Cruise Terminal, Panama City increased its cruise vessel capacity to a total of five of the largest passenger ships.

The new Container terminal enables Panama to handle additional containers and demonstrate the country’s ambition to position itself as the logistics hub in the Americas. The project is closely tied to the enlarging of the Panama Canal and the expected larger vessels.