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The Project

Masonboro Harbor

Approximately 900 linear feet of seawall using  Heavy Duty Fiberglass Composite Sheet Pile, Fiberglass Waler, Composite Top Cap, Manta Ray earth anchors, Blue Marlin weep hole filters, and Plastic Hex Bolts/Nuts.

Work with us

project owner

Masonboro Harbor Drive HOA

project sector


Date of Completion

September 2002


Wilmington, NC



Soil conditions were medium dense sand and sandy clay. Exposure of wall approximately 9 ft. Length of sheets both 19 ft. and 22 ft. Complete composite sheet pile, waler and cap system used for long term performance.

Other seawall products such as PVC, aluminum, concrete and wood were rejected due to poor long term performance and durability.

What the Project Owner Says

Installation of our bulk-head went smoothly and the contractor commented on how much easier it is to pile drive this material than other traditional and non-traditional products. I am told that this is most likely due to the superior ridigity and the comparative thinness of the sheet. Please feel free to come by and look at our marina. We are located near Monkey Junction in Wilmington, off of Masonboro Loop Road.

Tony Hughes

Masonboro Harbour Drive
Home Owners Association

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