K-60-25VE Fiberglass Tie Rod Seawall System

Stocked in our Spring, Texas factory, the K60-25VE Fiberglass Tie Rod Seawall System includes fiberglass fully threaded rods in high quality vinylester resin. They are stocked in 12ft., 14ft. and 16ft. lengths, and other lengths are available per request in addition to PVC protective tubing for higher impact resistance.

We also supply S316 nuts, S316 rectangular washers, S316 bevel washers and S316 couplers. These items complement the Lee Composites fiberglass sheetpile, waler, top cap, drainpipe penetration stub and waler top cap wave deflector. They can be used on different types of seawalls including fiberglass, pvc, wood and steel. These products offer many benefits such as higher corrosion resistance than HDG steel rods as well as easy installation, low maintenance and long service life.

LC120 & LC200 Pile Sleeves

Prefabricated in a Houston, Texas factory, LC120 & LC200 HDPE Pile Sleeves SuperSleeve™ can be made in both black and light gray, round or square with a lead time of approximately 2-3 weeks. These pile sleeves can be made to fit any consistent size OD pile, whether it is steel, fiberglass or concrete, with approximately +1/16” clearance, and multiple lengths are available. LC120 and LC200 are 0.120″ and 0.200″ thick, respectively.

Made from virgin high density polyethylene, the pile sleeves are ready to slide down the pile for final assembly (hardware not included). The sleeves can be turned to get better surface area over time or can be flipped from bottom to top. There are many benefits offered by these pile sleeves such as abrasion, rubbing and corrosion resistance, better aesthetics, ease of installation and low maintenance with a long service life.

Now Available – The LC120 & LC200 HDPE Pile Sleeves “Fuse Welded” to the PE Top Caps, (Flat or Cone Type) at our factory. This eliminates attachment steel hardware, which will rust over time, thus caps will fall off. Shipped for fast and easy installation. Lead Time @ 2-4 weeks.