SuperCap™ Composite Top Cap


Connectors are stocked in straight splices, 90°and 135°. Other angles are available upon request.


Various angles of corners of mitered cap available upon request.

Bolting Recommendations

  1. Aluminum corner connector - minimum of (4) 1/4" - 2 5/8" - equally spaced over each side of aluminum connector) 300 series stainless steel (ss) drill and tap screws per side.
  2. Aluminum straight splice - minimum of (2) 1/4" -14 (2 5/8" - two per each side of splice) 300 series (ss) drill and tap screws per side.
  3. Recommended minimum edge distance of 3" - equally space screws.
  4. A galvanized splice channel must be installed continuously on the front side of the SuperCapTM top cap when used as a waler/cap. Fiberglass spacer tubes must be installed inside of cap at all tie rod locations. Load calculations and tie rod spacings must be determined by a professional structural engineer before using this design.

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