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FiberForce® and BarForce® Solid Plastic Lumber

FiberForce® and BarForce® are reinforced, recycled plastic lumber made of high-density polyethylene plastic combined with fiberglass fibers and bars, respectively.  Compared with standard plastic lumber, they have increased structural ability and are a great choice for projects that require more structural integrity.  A FiberForce® 2" nominal thickness will span 24" on center.

FiberForce® and BarForce® are low maintenance and do not require painting or staining.  FiberForce® and BarForce® will not rot and are resistant to oils, chemicals, saltwater, termites, marine borers and fungi.

FiberForce® and BarForce® are an excellent choice for fenders (Navy and Dept of Transportation), retaining walls, fencing, boardwalks, and many other marine applications.

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Select® Lumber Solid Plastic Lumber
Select® Lumber utilizes high quality recycled HDPE -primarily milk jugs.  Each foot of 2"x6" requires 3.2 lbs of recycled materials.  Roughly 307 milk jugs are diverted from landfills for each 2"x6"x12' board.

Select® Lumber is a long lasting, low maintenance alternative to wood.  Select® Lumber saws, drills, and screws like wood; however it does not rot or splinter.  Plus, it never needs painting or staining.

Select® Lumber is an excellent choice for benches, decks, docks, boardwalks, and parking curbs.

Select® Lumber is available in profiles comparable to wood.  It is manufactured in ten colors.  Ultraviolet protecting is added to Select® Lumber to guard against color fade.

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