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About Lee Composites, Inc.

Established in 1989, Lee Composites, Inc., a multi-faceted corporation, is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of innovative marine and commercial composite products such as seawalls, pilings, plastic lumber, rubber fenders, uhmw-pe, pipe hangers, and dock bumpers manufactured by the pultrusion, vacuumforming, extrusion, injection molding, and centrifugal casting processes.

Lee Composites, Inc. offers the following products:

  • SuperLoc™ Fiberglass Composite Seawalls/BulkheadslRetaining Walls
  • SuperPile Fiberglass Composite Marine Hollow Pilings
  • BarForce™, FiberForce™, Select™ Structural and Non-Structural Plastic Lumber
  • FenderTeam Rubber Fenders, Steel Fabrication, UHMW-PE Rub Panels
  • SuperHanger™ PVC and SuperLoop™ FRP Pipe Hangers/StrutlRods/Nuts/Clamps
  • docksaver™ Marine Dock Bumpers

Our mission is to expand the growth and market share of our existing products while continuing to provide personal and unparalleled service to our customers.  We take pride in our ability to provide differentiated and competitively priced products - manufactured to the highest standard.

Bob Lee, President of Lee Composites, Inc., has over 30 years' experience in the composites and plastics industry.  Bob started his career with Dow Chemical Corporation after graduating from Georgia Institute of Technology.  As Vice-President of a small emerging composite pultrusion, molding, and fabrication company for 10 years, he became widely recognized for his outstanding entrepreneurial and creative expertise.

Please view our website to gain more information on fiberglass seawall, bulkhead, and piling construction, dock bumpers, pipe hangers, plastic lumber and sheeting, and the many quality products associated with these marine essentials.

About Lee Composites, Inc.
Seawall Construction & Bulkhead Construction
Seawall Accessories
SuperPile Fiberglass Composite Marine Pilings
ShibataFenderTeam™ Marine Fenders
docksaver™ Marine Dock Bumpers
SuperHanger™ Pipe Hanger Systems
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