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SuperLoc™ 1580 Data Sheet
Part Number SS850
US Patent #6,893,191 B2/May 17, 2005

Available in Polyester, Vinyl Ester or Polyurethane Wale & Retaining Wall System

Physical Properties

Moment Capacity 12,000 lb-ft/ft. of wall (53.4 kN-m/meter of wall)
Section Modulus 13.0 in3/ft. (6.99E2 cm3/m)
Moment of Inertia 52.0 in4/ft.(7.10E3 cm4/m)
Typical Thickness 0.25 in. (6.35 mm)
Depth of Sheet 8.0 in. (203.2 mm)
Width of Sheet 18.0 in.(457 mm)
Weight (single pile) 6.0 lb/ft. (8.92 kgm)
Angle of the web 30°
Cross-Sectional Area of the sheet 7.0 in2 (4,516 mm2)
Standard Color Sherman Bronze

Mechanical Properties

ASTM D7290 Developed Minimum
Test Method Polyester Resin
Required Value
Polyurethane or
Vinyl Ester Resin
Required Value
Tensile Strength LW (Flange) ASTM D638 58,470 64,392 psi
Tensile Modulus LW (Flange) ASTM D638 2.53E+06 2.80E+06 psi
Tensile Strength Crosswise (web) ASTM D638 3,224 4,438 psi
Tensile Modulus Crosswise (web) ASTM D638 6.46E+05 1.07E+06 psi
Compressive Strength LW (Flange) ASTM D695 30,340 45,639 psi
Compressive Modulus LW (Flange) ASTM D695 2.25E+06 3.28E+06 psi
Compressive Strength CW (Flange) ASTM D695 9,937 16,645 psi
Compressive Modulus CW (Flange) ASTM D695 1.18E+06 1.44E+06 psi
Izod Impact LW (Flange) ASTM D256 39.7 43.3 ft-lbs/in

Note: The following properties were derived per the ASTM D-7290 - Standard Practice for Evaluating Material Property Characteristic Values for Polymeric Composites for Civil Engineering Structural Applications

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