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ShibataFenderTeam™ Marine Fenders

Lee Composites, Inc. and FenderTeam Americas are a dedicated team of experts providing the very best in fendering solutions.

Our marine fender products are geared to meet the requirements for Ports, Harbors, Piers, Terminals, Wharfs, Locks, Dams, etc.  We have specialists who can help with application engineering, detail design calculations, and installation supervision.   All FenderTeam marine fenders are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with PIANC 2002, EAU 2004, and DIN 18800.

FenderTeam Marine Fenders include:

Rubber Fenders
  • SPC-Fender (Super Circle Fender)
  • CSS-Fender (Cell Fender)
  • FE-Fender (Element Fender)
  • PM-Fender (Parallel Fender)
  • Cylindrical Fenders
  • V-Fenders
  • Roller and WheelFenders
  • Pneumatic Floating Fenders
  • Foam Filled Floating Fenders
  • Tug Fenders/Extruded Fenders

UHMW-PE Rub Panels

Accessories and Fixings

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